TacadeviThe 5 best catalan cavas

The 5 best catalan cavas

cava gramona

Are you looking for more information about which are the best Catalan cavas? Below we have prepared the best compilation of Catalan cava brands that you can find in the market, so you can enjoy and savor them as we do.

Cava is a famous sparkling wine of Catalan origin, which began to be known in the area of Sant Sadurn铆 d’Anoia in 1872. For its production, the traditional champagne method is followed, first making a first fermentation to have a base wine and giving it a second fermentation in the bottle and with added sugar and yeast. Would you like to know which are the most prestigious Catalan cavas? Find out all about this fabulous wine in this other article of our wine blog!

The origin of cava

The origin of cava dates back to 1872, in Sant Sadurn铆 d’Anoia, a municipality in the Alt Pened猫s region known as the capital of cava, where two important events related to cava are held annually: the Cavatast and Setmana del Cava. During the days of celebration, there are open days with tastings and visits, collaborating with powerful brands of Catalan cavas recognized such as Codorniu, Freixenet, Llopart, Pere Ventura, etc. being each one recognized by these types of bottles so unique that characterize the cava.

Currently, more than 200 million bottles are produced each year. In Catalonia, cava can only be produced within the territory of the Cava Denomination of Origin. This appellation includes 69 municipalities belonging to the following territories: the entire Alt Pened猫s region, with 28 municipalities, and areas of Alt Camp, Alt Empord脿, Baix Pened猫s, Anoia, Bages, Baix Llobregat, Conca de Barber脿, Garraf, Maresme, La Selva and Tarragon猫s.

The cava harvest usually takes place between mid-August and mid-September. In the Pened猫s, the grape varieties used are preferably the native white grape Macabeo, Uva Xarel-lo and Parellada. For ros茅 cavas, mainly Trepat and Pinot Noir.


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The best wine tours in Barcelona

Are you looking for the best wine tours near Barcelona? At Taca de Vi, we want to show you the richness of Catalan wine, and we would love to take you to visit the best wineries near Barcelona, the most reputable ones from the most prestigious regions during your stay in the Catalan capital. We will organize a private wine tour from Barcelona, where you can feel the texture of the soil of the vineyard, the aroma of the wine in the cellar or listen to the experience and stories of the winemaker.

Most of the Catalan cellars can be visited, and the visits usually include an explanation of how the wine is made, which can sometimes be accompanied by exhibitions or audiovisuals. And of course, the tour ends with a tasting of the products with a small aperitif.

The 5 best Catalan Cavas, Corpinnat and Cl脿ssic Pened猫s

Both the Classic Pened猫s and Corpinnat labels are two designations that group together sparkling wines produced in the Pened猫s area, a distinctive place par excellence in the world of Cava.

Choosing the best cava is not an easy task, as we all have our tastes and preferences, so the choice is totally subjective; the palate and the pocket of each one always have the last word, as there are cheap Catalan cavas and others with a higher price. However, there are always brands that manage to create more subtle cavas for the most demanding and experienced palates.

Below, we show you a selection of the brands best valued by our consumers. All of them produce sparkling wines in the Pened猫s area: DO Cava, Cl脿ssic Pened猫s and Corpinnat. If you want to know more about the appellations of origin in Catalonia, we recommend you to read our other article.


botella de gramona imperial

The Gramona winery is a reference in Catalonia, since only Corpinnat of excellent quality is elaborated. Expert wine tasters agree that the taste of the sparkling wines from this winery is exquisite. Gramona is synonymous with sustainability, quality and vanguard in capital letters. Its Corpinnat are a source of pleasure: from its seductive Cuv茅e de entrada, a gran reserva brut, to its most impressive Enoteca cavas with 15 years of bottle aging.


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cava recaredo

Recaredo is synonymous with purity, extreme exigency and admirable quality. Their Corpinnat are known for their impeccable winemaking and very long aging. They are characterized by cultivating only their own vineyards with traditional varieties of the Pened猫s, with a historical commitment to Xarel-lo, and their Corpinnat are made exclusively Brut Nature vintage marked by its long aging.

Pere Ventura

cava Pere Ventura

Pere Ventura produces exclusively high-end cavas of international prestige. All the wineries that today form part of the group are committed to the values of Pere Ventura, which are synonymous with prestige and the brand of the land. The revaluation of old vineyards, the location of the ideal varieties according to the type of soil and the alliance with small winegrowers in the area have been some of the keys to its success.

AT Roca

at roca cava

AT Roca is the name of Agust铆 Torell贸 Sibill’s new winery. Two years after leaving the family winery, this project was born with the support of his son Agust铆 Torell贸 Roca. His philosophy is to produce wines that are respectful and are a reflection of the territory: native varieties, a careful and minimally interventionist winemaking and organic viticulture. Having inaugurated the new winery in 2022 near Sant Sebasti脿 dels Gorgs, they have made a clear commitment to quality wine tourism due to its ideal facilities for receiving visitors.


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cava mestres

Mestres, is one of the main names of the DO Cava, wines of organic production and artisanal elaboration, with limited or very limited productions. Mestres is a historic producer of Cava in Sant Sadurn铆 d’Anoia and its link with the world of wine dates back to 1312. Its hallmarks are the traditional varieties, the very long aging with cork stoppers and manual stirring and disgorging.

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