Tacadevi » ¿What designations of origin are there in Catalonia?

¿What designations of origin are there in Catalonia?

denominaciones de origen cataluña

Do you know the different designations of origin in Catalonia? Here we invite you to take a journey through the different types of DO wines in Catalonia, so that you can get to know them and locate each one on the map of the Catalan territory.

Both Catalonia and wine have a very long and strong history together. It’s been a long time, even before the 18th century, since the export of wine in Catalunya started. From the beginning till now,  the production of wine has grown incredibly as a result of this, only inside the region spread across the territory, there are more than 600 wineries. Nowadays, many tourists that decide to spend their holidays in catalan lands, choose to do a bit of “enotourism”, which stands for the tourism of wine.

Thanks to all the history of wine production in Catalonia, it has led to getting a “designation of origin”.

¿What’s the designation of origin?

The products that are labeled with this title, are cataloged as products with a superior quality. This difference in quality that distinguishes them from other products of their same category, is that the wine gets its unique taste thanks to being produced with its original ingredients and process from where the wine was originally made. In brief, we’re not talking about a wine that has been made with a similar process to the original, in fact, it’s actually from the place it was first made and, therefore, gets labeled with a higher quality.

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¿Which are the designations of origin in Catalonia?

In this region there’s some territories that have achieved all the requirements in order to get this title. These designations are the ones we will talk about next (if you are a firm and you want to make an event for trying all of them, we have an exclusive service of a corporate wine tasting, whose you can feel a catalan experience with your collegues).


One of the lands with the oldest designations of this list. Alella is a territory that is located very close to the city of barcelona. Its farming area it’s not bigger than 600 hectares of white pansa, a kind of grape that gives place to the white wines we know and love.

The reason why this place got its very own label, is thanks to the perfect climate conditions that Alella has, a mediterranean village that has lots of sunny days and a land with big resources of water, which provides a very soft flavor to the fruit on its final result.


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Conca de Barberà

One of the most prestigious territories of wine in the catalan land. The wines that are provided form Conca de Barberà, have a big difference in taste, the reason is the same as the alella wine, the climate makes the difference. This territory is located at the center of the land, its temperatures vary a lot between day and night, which result in a unique flavor in its white wines, rosy and back.

In this region, they have their very own variety called “La Trepat”, a very soft wine with acidity and a very nice fruity flavor.

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Costers del Segre

This land has a big difference in comparison with the ones before, the climate is very dry, but that was never a problem for the region. It got its designation in 1988, which shows us that with a very prepared floor and precise elaboration, you can achieve a fenomenal result.

From this land, we must highlight its cavas and fresh rosy wines.


Very close to France we find l’Empordà, a land that got its designation of origen in 1975. It has the perfect climate conditions, which allows the production of a big variery of wines such as white, rosy, tintos, cavas… We can say with any doubt that has one of the most extense  wine varieties of our list. One of their characteristics, is that thanks to theTramuntana wind, they don’t have any problems with pests, which makes the whole production way easier


The territory of the vino tinto and white wine, although it produces other types, this are the most remarkable ones. The designation of Montsant is really new in comparision with the ones before, but it doesn’t mean thats any less. It has one of the most extreme climates of all of them, where it barely rains and the temperature is not close to being stable. Nevertheless, this climate conditions do not affect negatively to the final result, since it has got its unique quality certificate.

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A territori with a lot of sun and hot temperatures, the perfect conditions to make wine. Its has a very big diveristy of wine, with a preference for white wine that has a beautifull smell and lightness. It was one of the territories that first started their story with wine, in fact, it started on the 12th century. Due to not givin this region the importance that it needed, it wasnt untill the 70s that it got the recognision it deserved.

Pla de Bages

One of the territories with most prestige, in fact, its said that the territory of Pla de Barges, comes from the word Baco, which means the god of wine.

This territory has a very low precipitation climate and lots of sunny days, thats makes it a perfect place for the crop.They have a wide variety of wines, and from the beginning they have been one of the most important regions of the catalan territory. 


One of the first regions in getting their designation in 1954. Due to its extreme climate, their grapes have a very unique and singular taste. In 1874, the exclusive taste of the grapes made in this place started to get attention from people, and their first exportations were to an exposition in Paris where it got the opportunity to show off its potential.


Tarragona has one of the oldest designations, thanks to their perfect climate that’s influenced by the Mediterranean, thanks to that, they were able to add to their catalog different kinds of wine like the rosy and white ones.

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Terra alta

In Terra alta they don’t lose their traditional aspect, which makes it one of the most important wines of the whole region. Their fruits are cultivated in temperatures that vary from minus 0º degrees celsius, and 40º, which makes it have a very distinguished flavor to other wines.

As we’ve been able to see from our large list of designations, the catalan region has one of the best varieties of wine in the world, so, if you’re visiting the territory or you live in it, you should take advantage of this situation and experiment in your own skin a tasting experience, or a class that will give you  knowledge about wine. In taca de vi, we’re pleased to help you, and we offer all kinds of services, like our wine courses in Barcelona, and other activities for you to get to know everything about the wine culture. ¿Are you signing up for this experience?

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