Private wine tastings

To provide a customized service to each kind of client or occasion, we have divided our proposals into the following three areas:

At home

Catas domicilio

Perhaps you would like to learn about the wine world with a blind tasting.

Maybe you’d like a tasting as a surprise for party guests or a tasting before having dinner sounds like a good idea.

You may have also enjoyed an introduction to wine tasting and now would like to learn more about this culture

What about a tasting of biological wines while your stay in the country house?

In Restaurants

Vinos restaurantes

If you have an interesting wine menu, make the most of it by offering food pairings and workshops to enhance the experience.

Offer good wines in your establishment and tastings are great promotional activities.

Boost your restaurant brand by organizing gastronomic activities such as original pairings.

Taca de vi also provides a wine consultancy service to make sure your wine menu fits the style of your establishment, the cuisine you are serving and your target customer. Enological training for staff is also available. Let your customers see you care for wine and gastronomy, and organize activities related to this world , is a way to prestige, customer loyalty and a call for new prospects.

In Accomodations

Vinos alojamiento

Offer your guests the exciting opportunity of tasting Catalan and Spanish wines right there in the hotel.

Make your rental holiday home that much more attractive with the option of a quality wine tasting.
Hoteliers that offer great activities to guests always get returns for their efforts. A wine tasting is a pleasure to all the sense and always a fun option where guests learn something new.

Ex: ‘Hi, we’re a group of 12 from Denmark on a business trip to Barcelona. Would it be possible to sample some Spanish wines here in the hotel?’