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Private wine tours near Barcelona

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In Taca de vi we want to show the wealth of Catalan wine and we would love to take you to the most reputed wineries from the most prestigious regions while your stay in Barcelona. We will organize for you a private tour where you can feel the texture of the vineyard soil, the aroma of the wine in the cellar or hear the experience and stories of the wine maker. Can’t be explained just in words. Be there it’s a must.

A private sommelier will pick you up from your accommodation and will be your guide all day long. He will take you to 2 wineries and then have a fantastic lunch in a restaurant, in order you can enjoy a complete day in a wine atmosphere.



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Notes wine tour Barcelona:

If you would like to visit a top cellar, please let us know and we will do our best to fit your needs (new budget will be done).

Although this is a private tour and we do our best to keep it this way, we do not guarantee that the winery visit will be just for your group. Please let us know if you prefer to have exclusively private tour and tasting.

If you have a limited budget, let us know and we can adapt to your needs (for ex: just 1 cellar, no lunch…)

Wine tasting Barcelona

Wine Tasting sessions in Barcelona

At Taca de vi we want to show you our wine tasting and culture while your stay in Barcelona. A professional sommelier organizes wine activities for corporate events or private groups.

The tastings are designed as an incentive activity for company events or as touristic attraction for private groups who want to enjoy an informal activity that’s a bit different, suitable for any kind of private parties.

These are introductory tastings, designed to be a fun activity, where there is no need to have any wine knowledge and the language used is accessible.

What is wine tasting? The concept

Tasting a wine is the art of putting your senses to work. Take a few seconds to concentrate. Close your eyes, bring the glass close to your nose and discover its fragrant aromas.  Take a sip, move the wine around your mouth and enjoy the thrill of the silky tannins. Pay attention to the tiny details, the hints that make up the overall flavour of the wine and that stir the senses.

More information

How many times have you smelled a wine and felt that it reminds you of something, but you can’t put your finger on what it is? That is the key word: “remember”. Wine does not “smell of…” but rather “reminds us of…”. It reminds us of something that we must have smelled before and that remains in our memory. In other words, if we have not smelled or memorized something in the past, it will be difficult to describe this aroma in the wine.  The greater someone’s olfactory range, the easier it will be for them to taste and talk about a wine.

When smelling wine, it is important to let memories and personal experiences flow as this will actually help us enjoy the wine more.

Wine is imbued with the personality of its maker, the characteristics of the soil from which it emerged and the blessings or harshness bestowed by the climate. Though hard to believe, these small factors have a great impact on the quality of a wine.

At Taca de vi our aim is to share all this passion with you, whether it’s at a private wine tasting in Barcelona, an advanced course, a business meeting or a client event.

Which cellars...?

Which cellars will we visit in this Wine Tour Barcelona?

Catalunya has 12 D.O. (Denominació d’Origen – wine appellations), all of them not far from Barcelona. The wine culture is in every single corner and in harvest time you can feel the excitement in the air.
The wealth of Catalan wines lies on the different soils, climates, grape varieties and the personality of each wine maker.
The cellars produce all kinds of wines, such as smooth reds, astonishing whites or the delicate bubbles of Cava (our famous sparkling wines).
We will select 2 medium-little cellars which shows the essence of hard work, delicious wines and fabulous hospitality.

intro wine tourism barcelona

All our winery tour includes:

  • Pick up and drop off from your hotel or accommodation
  • 2 cellar private tour with final tasting of at least 3 wines
  • Lunch in a local restaurant with traditional dishes
  • Comfortable private transportation
  • English speaking sommelier guide all day long


Information of our private wines tastings

  • Duration: 1:30h approx.
  • No. attendees: Unlimited
  • Location: in a wine shop in Barcelona city center or any venue where the client decides
  • Date: as agreed
  • Languages: English, Spanish, Catalan
  • Type of wine: tasting includes 5 different wines and pairing with cheeses
  • Prices (if doing the tasting in the wine shop for a private group):

2 people: 120€ p.p.
3 people: 90€ p.p.
4 people: 70€ p.p.
5 people: 60€ p.p.
6 people: 55€ p.p.
7 people: 50€ p.p.
8 people: 45€ p.p.
9 people: 40€ p.p.
+10 people: 35€ p.p.

For big groups (+20 people) or corporate events, ask for quote.



Wine tasting

Our aim is to offer personalized service, bringing the culture of wine closer to people in a fun and elegant way. We make a wine tasting a moment of leisure, in a relaxed atmosphere where to lose fear of many mysteries of wine and discover new flavours and textures.

We adapt to your needs either to make a private tasting or to advise in your wine style and budget.Located in Barcelona we move throughout Catalonia.

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