Definition of Team Building

Team Building refers to the set of activities or exercises that allow members of a group to define themselves as a true team. The exercises and activities of Team Building are designed so that the members of a work team can improve, get to know each other, strengthen their personal and group skills and in the end this results in better performance, task complementation and well-being in the workplace.

Team Building game with wines

In TacaDeVi we are specialists in the organization of team building events related with the world of wine. If you are part of the human resources department of a company and you want to organize an event so that your team can get to know each other beyond the purely working environment, contact us now to organize your team building event oriented exactly like a wine tasting.

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Advantages of team building for your company

Surely you already know the advantages of the members of a company getting to know each other outside of a purely working environment, but broadly speaking the main advantages are the following.

Promotes teamwork

Teamwork is the key to a successful company and is the cornerstone for everything to work perfectly and people to complement each other perfectly.

Improves communication

With a team building activity the members of a company will learn to communicate with each other, express themselves, enhance their communication skills and know the skills and handicaps of their colleagues.

Discover new roles

With a team building event where members interact with each other and have to make decisions, you will be able to discover new potential roles for your company’s members, regardless of their position in the organization. You will be able to identify those people who have a role more focused on leadership or those with a more “follower” role.

What is our Team Building with wines about?

Our team building game for companies consists in the identification of aromas and flavours in various cheeses and foods, with special focus and attention on getting the members of a team to work together to give the right answers. In addition to being an activity that brings the group together, it is very interesting to learn and be introduced to the world of wine.

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Advantages of a team building with wines

The great advantage of this activity is that it can be carried out practically anywhere, whether in your own offices, during a trade fair or business event or in another place that suits the client’s taste – like a hotel or restaurant of your choice. The logistics are fast and simple compared to other team building events. If you also want to complement your Team Building event with wines with other activities such as visits to wineries, contact us and we will inform you about everything we organize around the world of wine.

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