Get two people who don’t know each other to start a conversation based on a common topic that will then allow them to continue talking on a more personal and direct level. This is what you get with a wine bar at your corporate event.

Wines and business: perfect symbiosis

Offering a wine tasting for your corporate event or show is a very good option to differentiate yourself from the competitors and receive your potential clients or collaborators with a differentiated, exclusive and very attractive service. Wine tastings are more subjective than objective experiences that require a certain amount of attention and concentration. For this reason a wine tasting in a business environment will help your guests to avoid, even for a moment, everything related to the business world, helping to strengthen personal relationships.

Taking a break is necessary

To continue moving forward, it is sometimes necessary to pause, take a breath and rest. This becomes even more important in the business world: corporate fairs and events do not leave time for rest. A wine tasting offers precisely that possibility. If you were thinking of offering a small catering or drinks for your business event we will give you several reasons why you should choose a wine tasting over a traditional catering.

Advantages of wine tasting vs. traditional catering

  • A wine tasting is more sophisticated and elegant than a traditional catering
  • The use of the senses and concentration takes on more importance
  • Allow your guests to escape for a moment from the stress of business
  • You can choose the duration and the type of tasting: you choose the quantity of wines
  • The products that accompany wine are usually of much higher quality than those served in a traditional catering.
  • Will give your brand elegance and exquisiteness
  • It creates a group link while the sommelier conducts the tasting.
  • Logistics are simpler and faster than traditional catering
  • A wine tasting is easily scalable in number of people without compromising the quality of the product

Taca de Vi, specialists in company tastings

In Tacadevi we are specialists in the organization of wine tastings for companies, both at the level of mass events and in the case of internal events. We have been present in 6 editions of the Mobile World Congress setting up, organizing and carrying out wine tastings for those companies that wanted to offer a differentiated service in their stand, in addition to custom events, wine teambulding games and any type of business event that has wine as its main protagonist.


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