What better to accompany a wine tasting with chocolate or live music? In Taca de vi a while we offer wine tastings paired with a selection of artisan cheeses and a range of cold cuts, in order to enjoy more and better wines we chose for every occasion. We seek to offer this plus tasteful, bringing the added value that our customers require us both to corporate events. In this regard, we continue to expand our range of pairings to accompany our tastings. That is why we have looked original and succulent alternatives to improve our service, and what better to do with chocolate and music. La Crème is a caterer specializing in handmade and custom cakes, founded by a Brazilian living in Barcelona and sweet tooth quality. In the hands of the pastry Claudia Andrea maridaremos different wines and chocolates tablets coated with salt, pepper, dried fruit, nuts, etc. Each ingredient has been carefully selected to find the perfect harmony with the wines, seeking to strengthen both the wine and chocolate. An explosion of sensations. We go beyond, we offer our customers a range of different musical styles (jazz, folk, singer-songwriters, etc) that give you the chance to enjoy our selection of wines with the best music. Bands, songs and chosen for every occasion and looking for the perfect “marriage” with the different wine styles. A good way to enjoy an experience with the 5 senses. Hear your suggestions of activities and events to create the best choice for you.

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