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Ideas for company events

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Are you looking for ideas for original corporate events? Here are some examples to make your corporate events as innovative and dynamic as possible.

Because… who says that work can’t be fun? At Taca de Vi, we know all about having a good time and that includes using the most creative ideas for corporate events. Whether you’re organizing an employee party, a product presentation or building customer loyalty, engaging activities bring people together.

How do you make corporate events fun? Read on to see how an event can become an interactive activity. Best of all, we share with you how to create a unique event. Shall we get started?

6 original ideas for company events

Although there are numerous types of activities to do with the members of a company and its clients, currently known as team buildings, wine tasting for companies stand out above the rest. It is a proposal that is becoming increasingly fashionable and is more and more popular with the public. For this reason, at Taca de Vi we offer you different modalities, so that you can choose the one that best suits each case.

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Wine bars with Sommeliers

A very original way for a business event is to hire a wine bar with a sommelier. This is an ideal format for large groups, to be held standing and in cocktail format. The best thing is that you can do it before lunch or in the evening, depending on your needs. 

The sommelier will be in charge of pouring the wine glasses and explaining the characteristics and peculiarities of each of the wines to the team members. In the meantime, team members can take the opportunity to network and disconnect from the working day. You can also invite your clients as an effective way of building customer loyalty.

Tastings on board

When the weather is good, another of the most popular options that will not leave anyone indifferent are the tastings on board a boat. This option is suitable for small groups as well as larger ones, and can be held on any type of boat, whether it be a catamaran, a yacht or a sailing boat (obviously depending on the number of people attending).

Reward now the effort of your team and reward them with a different and original day, or surprise your best clients with an unforgettable activity.

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Tastings in our wine shop

If you want to opt for a more traditional event, which will undoubtedly be a safe bet, you can choose to hold a tasting in one of our wine shops. You can find us in Barcelona, Madrid or Bilbao. Book now one of our equipped rooms for a tasting of different wines and enjoy a relaxed evening.

Events at fairs and congresses

Another infallible option, in this case aimed at building customer loyalty or attracting new customers, are events at trade fairs and congresses. The idea is to set up a wine bar with a sommelier, to attract the attention of all the visitors to a fair or congress, and to start building relationships and networking thanks to this.

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Wines Quiz games

Energizer games are rather recommended for employees of the same company or department, as rivalry is at stake. It is a type of activity that encourages relationships and interaction between colleagues, who will have to compete against each other to win a prize. Logically, the games will have to do with wine and wine tasting.

Tastings for company groups

The last option, but not the least, are the traditional group tastings. The difference between this event and the one we have mentioned in third place is that this activity can be carried out anywhere. The only thing we will need is a space where the sommelier can dynamise the activity, while all the members of the group, whether they are workers or clients, are seated. A classic format that never goes out of fashion.

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Do not miss the opportunity to unite the members of your team and make your clients or potential clients loyal thanks to these ideas of events for companies. Undoubtedly, a good choice that will benefit you in a big way.

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