Trying to get two people who don’t know each other to have a conversation based on a common topic so that they can have a conversation at the same level is the objective that any person pursues in a corporate event and as it is the case, in the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona it is what is pursued.

Wines and business: symbiosis at the MWC event

In an event as large as the size and capacity of the Mobile Word Congress, this year it generated an economic impact on the city of Barcelona of 397 million. The event was held between 24-27 February in the Fira enclosure causing higher forecasts than the previous year, according to the data they could offer from GSMA, the driving force behind the event.

In this great event, our company had a presence with a stand in such an important event, leading to greater visibility of the business thanks to the scope that only the MWC can offer to those attending the place.

The opportunity to offer a wine tasting at an event or fair like this is the great opportunity you have to differentiate yourself from your competitors, being an opportunity to improve the visibility of your business with a differentiated service. Wine tasting in Barcelona can be a very subjective experience, since every palate is different.

In the case of businesses, these fairs or events do not have time to rest, but a wine tasting can help to offer a moment of rest and different from traditional catering.

At Taca de Vi we specialise in wine tasting for business

In Tacadevi we have a great experience in organizing tastings for businesses or companies. In addition to this great building of the Mobile Wors Congress in Barcelona, we have been in other 6 editions where we love to offer our services to potential customers and thus be able to reach as many people as possible, to enjoy our true passion as wine is.

If you would like information about these corporate wine tastings, please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can organize your tasting at a corporate event.

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