If we find a resemblance between a comic and enológico “invasion” of “evil” foreign varieties in the last 30 years have gone so hard in Spain, this comparison could be made between Asterix and wines Galicia. And this northwestern peninsular area has been one of the few that has withstood the onslaught of Cabernet, Chardonnay or Merlot, to the point that if there is presence of some of these varieties, this is residual. Winegrowers and Galicia have kept their ancestral varieties, used for generations to produce the traditional wines, the wines of grandparents. This “not to be influenced,” very probably have done that during the boom years of the foreign varieties, have not talked about the wines of this area, but after this fever, found that the bet served to see the future with good prospects. And, as we have said repeatedly, the future is for the native varieties of each wine region. Those characteristics that provide authenticity and personality, we speak of a landscape, a people and a way of doing. Beyond the Albariño wines from Rias Baixas (remember that fame has come the last 20 years), in Galicia are other wine regions of interest, each with its uniqueness and identify the varieties. One of these areas is Ribeiro, a region in the west of the province of Orense great tradition of winemaking, wine producing very popular for decades. Recognized as a designation of origin in 1932, was the first regulated areas in the state. We know the presence of vineyards in the region already during Roman times, but it was during the Middle Ages thanks to the arrival in the area of ​​the monks of the Cistercian order, which gave a boost to exploitation wine. Specifically settled in the Monastery of San Clodius, which gives its name to the wine speak today. Sanclodio is a white wine made by the director and film producer José Luis Prudent (The language of the butterflies, The Blind Sunflowers, etc.), born in Albacete but a lover of Galicia years. He is also a lover of good food and good wine accordingly, which took 10 years to buy a mansion s. XV, restore it and began to make his own wine. Unlike other famous artists who have embarked on wine adventure that few years have had to abandon a project well thought Sanclodio is the result of rigorous and field owner. This is the only wine that produce but is a little gem I was excited when I first tried it and had long wanted to devote a few lines. Made especially for the variety reign of Ribeiro, Treixadura and the remaining Godello, Torrontés and Loureiro, a young white fermented in stainless steel and high aromatic expression. This wine is surprisingly delicate on the nose with a variety of flavors such as lemon, white flowers (jasmine, chamomile), apricot and herbaceous (fennel). All very well integrated in perspective. It is not for those wines that smell. Despite its delicacy in the nose, the mouth has a lot of personality, which after a good freshness and acidity, hides a fleshy wine, unctuous and structured all in balance. Surprisingly long and friendly. A great wine for 10 € Enjoy Galician wines beyond Albariños. Enter a world to explore pleasantly. Until the next post!

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