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Taca de vi with years of experience in organizing wine tastings and food pairings for private groups and company events in Barcelona, we opened a market in Bilbao and the Basque Country in general in order to continue expanding the culture of tastings, wines and gastronomy.

Being Euskadi internationally known for the quality of its gastronomy and its high cuisine, we could not miss offering our services in such an important enclave.

For this aim we have the right person: a dynamic sommelier, with good communication skills and years of experience organizing tastings for events. In this sense, we move all over the Basque Country: Bilbao, San Sebastian and Alava, but also to small towns.

In addition, we have a multipurpose venue in the center of Bilbao where to do wine tastings and food pairings for your corporate event or with your group of friends / family.

Contact us for more information without obligation.

Wine tasting for groups in San Sebastián

For company events

Since we opened doors in 2012, we had clear that one sector we wanted to target our wine tastings was for corporate events since it is a way of adding value when designing activities for clients or employees.

Whatever your event or professional commitment, large groups or private meetings, we adapt to your needs to organize with you that wine tasting for your event in Bilbao or San Sebastian. From organizing a team building with wine and food, to doing a pairing for a sales convention. Even if you need a wine station with a sommelier in your booth during a fair or congress to serve your clients.

You choose the wine tasting format you want to carry out:

  • Wine bar with sommelier (standing): ideal for groups of +50 people (fairs, congresses, receptions…).
  • Classic wine tasting (seated): ideal for groups of up to 50 people.
Catas de vinos para empresas

Where? We move with all the equipment and products wherever the event takes place. Or we look for the venue if you do not have one. Or we can do it in our multipurpose space we have in the center of Bilbao.

Whatever your need please contact us without obligation.

For private groups

If you are flying to Bilbao or San Sebastian with your family or friends and would like to organize a private wine tasting while your stay, Taca de vi is at your disposal and will adapt to your needs whether if you have a place where to hold it or not.

  • You have a place where to hold it: If you are staying in an apartment or hotel, we can move with the products and all the equipment.
  • You don’t have a place where to hold it: no worries, we have a tasting room in downtown Bilbao perfect for groups like yours.
  • Duration: 1:30h
  • Where: in our tasting room in Bilbao center or in your place.
  • When: Monday to Sunday in your place / Monday to Saturday in our tasting room. We adapt to your timing. Booking required.
  • What: introduction to Basque and Spanish wines by tasting 5 different wines
  • Price:in your place depending how many people (ask for budget) // in our tasting room:
    -2 to 5 people: 50€ p.p
    -6 to 9 people: 45 € p.p
    -+10 people: 40€ p.p.
Catas de vinos para particulares

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