Wine tasting on a catamaran

Wine tasting on a catamaran

In previous articles in our blog we have already talked about the differences in terms of image, elegance and general advantages of organizing a wine tasting at a business level compared to a simple and conventional aperitif with a classic cut. The wines also offer the possibility of organizing team building events so that the members of a department or small company can get to know each other better outside the strictly working environment.

The two most outstanding attributes for which we recommend wine tastings are two:

  1. They transmit elegance, class and sophistication
  2. Logistically they are extremely easy to organize

Wine tasting on a boat: is it possible?

cata vinos catamaran

Starting from the two previous attributes in Tacadevi we are specialists in organizing wine tastings anywhere and for as many people as you want, even on the deck of a catamaran. That’s what we did last March 14 off the coast of Barcelona for a small group of 30 people who wanted a different and totally immersive experience. The experience consisted in the pairing of 4 wines and 4 artisan cheeses aboard a catamaran that sailed the waters off the city of Barcelona.

The assistants, distributed in groups on the deck of the boat, talking among them and enjoying the landscape that offers the coast of Barcelona received a glass of wine along with an artisan cheese, distributed these by the sommelier and a waitress respectively. The sommelier was in charge of pairing the wine with its corresponding cheese, helping the attendees to find those flavours and aromas present in both products.

The idea of the organizer of the event was to give an extra of originality to the catamaran trip, that their guests enjoyed a 100% original experience, offering wines of very high quality and difficult to find, bringing a plus to those wines through the knowledge and explanations of a sommelier and make the attendees discover the potential that has the sense of taste and smell through the pairing of wines with artisan cheeses.

Summary of the experience

  • Number of attendees: 30 people
  • Duration: 2 hours of navigation
  • Wines and cheeses: 4 wines and 4 cheeses

The wines served for the occasion, with a short description and a link to the winery are as follows:

  1. Quinze Roures 2017
    • Celler Espelt – DO Empordà | Garnatxa Blanca – Garnatxa Roja
  2. Mestres Visol 2011
  3. Com tu 2016
  4. La Rasa 2014

vinos catamaran

Specialists in wine tastings

Remember that at Tacadevi we are specialists in organising wine tastings regardless of the number of people, the location or the reason for the event. Contact us and let us know what you need or what wine tasting idea you have in mind.

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