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Food & Wine pairing

Pairing is the art of creating harmony between the flavours of wine and food. Discover the pleasure you can give your palate with a myriad of sensations, and the emotions that they can generate.
Taca de vi offers you the chance to enjoy delicious gastronomic sessions through wine pairing, whether it be for a corporate team or a private group. For events, parties or at home.

The sommelier travels to you, bringing everything required: glasses, wines, cheese/chocolates and a range of other items.

      • Duration: 1:30h approx.
      • No. attendees: Unlimited
      • Price: on quotation
      • Location: corporate or private events
      • Date: as agreed
      • Languages: Spanish, Catalan, English


Pairing options:

Thanks to the expertise of an expert ‘cortador’ (ham carver), we will learn not only about the distinctions between the different Iberian hams, denominations of origin, how to taste them properly and how they are made, but they will also teach us the art of carving.
Small groups can also choose to have an Iberian ham pairing session without the professional carver.

A carefully chosen selection of the best artisanal cheeses from Spain and abroad. Through a tasting session with 4-5 wines, we’ll discover the secrets of a good pairing and the exciting world of cheese.

Chocolate by itself is already delicious, but paired with wines it is a true delight. Thanks to our collaboration with a master chocolatier, Taca de vi has created a delicious tasting experience, combining a selection of wines with different bars of chocolate, customised for each event. Mouth-watering bars of dark or milk chocolate, covered with dried fruit and nuts, salt, spices, etc.
Wine offers wonderful colours to please the eye, fragrant aromas for the nose and an infinite spectrum of flavours on the palate. Adding live music to a wine tasting truly completes the experience.
At Taca de vi we also match wine with live music for events and parties. In the same way that a song conveys emotions, a wine can also carry a mood.
Styles: jazz, flamenco or piano accompanied by some of the best voices around


Shattering stereotypes

Contrary to what most people believe, there are some very deep-rooted pairings which are traditionally and socially widely accepted, but which technically do not match all that well.
This is true of common combinations such as cured ham or cheese with a full-bodied red wine.  How many times have we made this particular match? The truth is that the intense and salty flavour of these foods when mixed with the tannic flavour of red wine, produce an immediately astringent sensation, leaving the mouth and tongue dry.  The aim of all pairing exercises is to find a balance; a balance which is not found here.

The solution? Find a wine that does harmonize with these products, respecting their flavour and creating a new and pleasant sensation in the mouth.
In this sense, a very good combination with cured hams or cheeses could be a Gran Reserva Brut Cava (intense and complex, with fine bubbles), a Sherry wine like Oloroso or Palo Cortado (complex and iodized, with slightly sweet notes) or a barrel fermented white.

All this and more is explained in our pairing sessions.  Why not try one?


Wine tasting

Our aim is to offer personalized service, bringing the culture of wine closer to people in a fun and elegant way. We make a wine tasting a moment of leisure, in a relaxed atmosphere where to lose fear of many mysteries of wine and discover new flavours and textures.

We adapt to your needs either to make a private tasting or to advise in your wine style and budget.Located in Barcelona we move throughout Catalonia.

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