Late April. Temperatures rise, the days get longer, brighter than the sun and feel like going out to terraces and gardens. We left the season strong and powerful that invites many to take the winter season, to make way for lighter, fresh and fruity red wines. Easy drinking wines to take drinks on a terrace or on weekends with family and friends. Uncomplicated and give us the most pleasure. Wines spring.

Small wineries, very personal elaborations and attention to detail. Taca de vi want to recommend some references to enjoy these next few weeks:

Tayaimgut blanc

Bottled pure elegance. A wine made in the north of Penedès in its highest and coolest part where Sauvignon Blanc is more comfortable and offers its full potential.
Its processor is a lover of white French Loire area produced with this variety, though with Mediterranean character, has achieved a similar level of quality.
Wine is an explosion of finesse and nuances of costing out the nose cup: fresh lime, fennel, minerality and much vineyard peach!
The palate is elegant and sharp, fresh, citrus … especially surprising fruitiness and acidity reminiscent of the freshly picked peach tree.
Price: 18 € approx.


Alberto Nanclares is a Rioja that after years of working in a multinational, decided to settle in Galicia in the area of ​​Rias Baixas and there develop a small production of Albariños.
He is a person with a passion for nature, respect for the environment and working with natural products, and that is transmitted in its wines. Located in the Val do Salnés, the proximity of the vineyards to the Atlantic and granite flooring, printed a fresh and mineral wine character.
Of the 3 wines made, Alberto Nanclares (name of the wine) I found the most personal and fascinating: aromas of sea breeze, fresh citrus, jasmine some memories and some pineapple. The palate is fresh, gentle acidity, fresh white fruit and clearly saline. All perfectly balanced and in place.
Price: 12 € approx.


Ruben Parera is a young passionate about wine and with clear ideas: make organic wine and transmit territory.
Located east of the Penedès, bases its production on native varieties with support from some French varieties. Wines are honest, uncomplicated, direct but with character and finesse.
Fosc is the youngest, cheerful, fresh, fruity, casual but elegant personality and red. The palate is medium bodied with good acidity and tannin but friendly. Long and tasty.
It is made with the Ull de Llebre (Tempranillo), Sumoll, Syrah and Grenache shark varieties and bypasses barrel.
Price: 6,50 € approx.

4 Monkeys red

In the past Alimentaria, I said a winemaker of Madrid, it is here in Catalunya where their wines are most popular. And since very little time Madrid wines have begun to move to the map of quality wines and unique ago, and here in Catalunya are open to new and different.
It is in the westernmost part of the community and in the foothills of the Sierra de Gredos, where superb very old Grenache vines on slate floors and granite grow. A rediscovered treasure with great potential.

Javier, Laura, David Moreno and David Velasco (the “4 monkeys”), was the young architects of this small winery that began in 2010 with the aim of taking the ultimate expression of the earth.
With a contribution of 25% Syrah, presents an elegant nose, reminiscent of fresh berries, cherry, violet and something spicy. Mineral background.
The palate is fresh but with character, good acidity but juicy, smooth but firm tannins. Intense and balanced.
Price: € 14.50 approx.


In recent years it has become fashionable pink color very pale (onion skin) and Oliveda (Empordà) hold, did not want to lose the opportunity to bring to market a wine of this style. In addition, the bottle is sheltered by a very original and striking tag designed by Twinsisters painters, giving an artistic touch to the whole.
Made with one of the native varieties of Empordà, Garnacha, the nose is very seductive, with hints of grapefruit, raspberries and white roses. The palate is light, fresh, good acidity, tasty and quick step. Ideal to take drinks on a terrace.
Price: 6,50 € approx.

Hoping you enjoyed the recommendations, now just enjoy the weather plays accompanied by good wine spring and good company.

Until the next post!

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