5 wines in 10 minutes

Have you ever heard of speed dating? It’s a fast dating event organized to meet the maximum number of people in a very short period of time. In a speed dating event there has to be an even number of people in the same ratio (50% of men and 50% of women) who will sit down to talk in pairs, rotating when the time of each shift is over, which normally oscillates between 2 and 8 minutes. In this way, for example, for a time per shift of 2 minutes and 30 people (same number of men and women, i.e. 15 couples) each participant has the opportunity to meet 15 men/women in half an hour. Once all the shifts have been completed, cards are handed out so that the participants can value the people who have been most interesting to them, and the organisers put in contact those couples who have mutually valued each other most positively. Speed dating originated in the United States, although today it is common in all Anglo-Saxon countries and has also arrived in our country.

Have a blind date with several unknown wines

Many people have attended a blind wine tasting, even with more probability if they are professionals from the wine world. In a blind tasting, the sommelier’s ability to identify various wines is put to the test. On the contrary, in a speed wine tasting event, the sommelier himself guides the event, describing the characteristics of the wine so that the participants can identify the peculiarities of each one of them.

New ways of getting to know the world of wine

In Tacadevi we want to go a little further, renew the formulas by which you can introduce yourself into the world of wine and give you the opportunity to attend a speed dating event so that you know not your next love crush but several unknown wines that will surely surprise you with their aromas or flavors. Starting from the base of speed dating, which concentrates many dates in a very short time, a speed wine tasting event concentrates the tasting of several wines with a very limited time for wine that does not exceed 2 minutes. In this way the participants, guided by the sommelier, learn to identify aromas and flavors that are characteristic of various types of wines and enjoy a different wine experience, being the sommelier who guides, describes and identifies the flavors for the attendees.

Perfect event for companies and groups

A speed wine tasting can be organized quickly and simply during a company event such as a wine bar at a trade fair or corporate event, times when there is not much time for breaks and where attendees are devoted to business contacts regularly. We can also organise more classic wine tastings or teambuilding events for your company, sectors in which TacadeVi is also a specialist. And if you want something more tailor-made, contact us and tell us what you need.

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