“The future will be ecological or not be” more and more processors that use this expression or the like to refer to an increasingly accepted reality, either in the wine world or in any sphere of life. Many tasting event we do in Taca de vi, follow this rule. In the world of wine, and years that processors are very psyched about the need to work sustainably in the vineyard and in the winery.

Less herbicides, pesticides, pesticides, etc and in many cases no utilization. Even some wineries go a step further by applying biodynamic practices, which is nature itself which itself is regulated in the vicinity of the vineyard, to use fewer chemicals. Examples like sheep eating herbs vineyards or use of pheromones that mislead the worm attack grape would be success stories that are already being implemented in many wineries.

If we want to enjoy more and more authentic and less controlled wines, which are produced in an environmentally-friendly and clearly represent the variety of grape vines, the area and the person who has made these Conditions become mandatory for winemaking more honest and respecting the most of the raw material. Many developers realize that the more products used in the vineyard to prevent or cure diseases each year should be used more as it goes “weakening” and becomes more “vulnerable”.

These cases are opening the eyes of many vintners passionate about the earth and aware that it must take care if you want to offer a better product in the future. No wonder then that more and are more elaborate wines following organic methods and are labeled as such with their official seal.

It is also important to say that there are plenty of wineries working on ecological and do not bear the stamp that certifies. As a sommelier and director of Taca de vi, many years I am convinced that this is the way to go and so we want to convey in our tastings and activities ago. The goal is to add value to our service, presenting some real products that speak of a way to make more honest, behind which there is a history of respect and passion.

So at each tasting select one by one the wines to be tested, analyzed are representative of each area and to provide values ​​beyond quality. Most of the wines we work, the developers know how they are, how they work, the history of the winery, etc. order to provide this plus much valued customers. We will continue working in this direction. We hope being able to share with you.

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