Networking with a glass of wine in your hand

Networking with a glass of wine in your hand

Tacadevi specializes in the organization of all types of events related to the world of wine. It doesn’t matter if you are a group of friends who want to celebrate a birthday, you are on a trip visiting the city of Barcelona and its surroundings and you want to visit a winery or you are part of a company that wants to organize an event; in Tacadevi we have experience in the organization of all kinds of activities around the world of wine.

Business and wine

One of the sectors in which we work the most is the corporate sector, through the organization of wine bars and corporate tasting events. Many companies have realised that the image transmitted by their events, the stands they prepare at the various fairs they attend and the food and drink they serve are an important part of what the brand as such globally transmits.

For this reason more and more companies are opting to change the classic catering services and prepared food for something with more personality, image and gourmet touch such as a wine tasting.

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Why a sommelier service in your business events is what you need to boost your business

Wine lends itself to people being more open to listen and perceive both flavors, interpretations and opinions. Why is this so?

Wine: in order to understand, it is necessary to let oneself be guided

There are few things and food products in the world that leave so much room for subjectivity and at the same time are as available and accessible as wine. Two glasses of the same wine in the hands of two different people will have totally different tastes: each person, based on their own experience and unconsciously, places emphasis on what they want to perceive. However, hand in hand with a good sommelier who guides a tasting, the real tastes and smells of a wine appear as if by magic on the palate of those who taste it. Therefore, in order to truly appreciate a good wine, tasters must listen and trust what the sommelier says.

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Business: the subjectivity of the objective

The psychological mechanism behind the correct qualification and analysis of the organoleptic aspects of a wine is partly the same as that produced with business: no matter how much you tell someone that a project is successful, productive and lucrative, their predisposition to close an agreement will be based on trust and what that person unconsciously perceives. A sommelier in a wine tasting with gourmet products and through the objective description of a sometimes complex product, prepares the ground to open the minds of potential clients to trust your project. It also transmits that you or your company appreciate finer nuances and details that may go unnoticed by others, which reinforces a person’s propensity to trust you.

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