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Vinos Catalunya

Introduction to wine tastings

The aim of this session is to give the basic knowledge of wine elaboration, grape varieties, styles and the techniques to taste properly. Everything you need to start in this world and take the first steps to appreciate and enjoy wine.

Catalunya, great land of wine

From north to south and east to west, Catalunya has a great diversity of climates, soils and grape varieties, which make possible to produce all kinds of high-quality wines. Few areas in the world have such a rich heritage. With this tasting we will discover a land of great wines and we will know the best winemakers.

Spain through its wines

Spain elaborates wine even before the Romans and nowadays is one of the world’s main producers. The diversity of climates, soils and grape varieties, make Spain one of the most interesting countries in terms of styles, variety and quality. This tasting will discover us the most prestigious appellations and know some of their great wines.

Cava and its bubbles

What do bubbles of cava have that captivate us so? It is symbol of celebrations, good times and meetings with friends and family, cava always evokes fond memories. In this session we will discover its elaboration, the different types and learn how to appreciate their differences. From the young and fruity ones, to the aged and complex ones.

Along the rivers course

One river, two countries: the Douro

From its source in the mountains of Soria to its mouth in Porto, the Douro crosses
different climates, soils and landscapes so the vines planted along the river are grouped into several Appellations. In this tasting we will have the opportunity to taste different wines following the same thread theme: the Douro

Ebro river and its wines

One river, one variety. Tasting the wines of the several Appellations which crosses the Ebro river, not only discover us the different flavors, textures and styles that evokes each wine and region. Furthermore, it is tasting the different expressions of the most important variety planted along the river from its source to its mouth – the Grenache.

The terraces of the Rhône river

Steep slopes and vertigo terraces in the north. Gentle undulations and river stones in the south. Powerful reds that make us fall in love and feminine seducing whites. This is Côtes du Rhône. Two ways of understanding wine with a common denominator: elegance.

The river of the kings – the Loire

River with castles, palaces, kings and princesses. Talking about the Loire river means talking about the istory of France but also about wines, great wines. From the middle of France to its mouth in the Atlantic, the Loire offers a wide range of wines and styles: from the most seductive whites to the refined reds. but also the sweetest pleasures.

Following the curves of the Mosel river

Who says that Germany does not produce good wines? The Mosel river valley is the birthplace of the prestigious white variety Riesling and as such, winemakers know how to get its best potential. A variety that expresses perfectly the soil where it grows, offering a wide range of delicious flavors and textures. An introduction to German wines along the water of the Mosel.


For the nonconformist ones


Biological wines – a way of life

Do they taste different or they have higher quality than other wines? We should demystify, no. They are natural wines, the grape has been cultivated with minimal Human intervention, fertilizers are natural and the wines try not to hide the personality of each variety. One way to understand wine and life.

Classic Rioja Vs. Modern Rioja

Rioja wines are not what they used to be anymore. These last years the elaboration and style of these wines have gradually evolved towards a more modern, sweet-toothed and balanced wines. Young winemakers that dissociate from traditional wooden flavors style. Nowadays, both schools coexist: the classic and the modern.

Odd varieties

Trepat, Picapoll, Sumoll, Prieto Picudo, Bobal, Doña Blanca or Torrontés. These are just some of the local varieties which enrich the Spanish wine scene. Little known but excellent quality and potential, they surprise anyone who taste these wines and those looking for something different fall in love with them.

Aphrodisiac wines

Exotic and floral aromas. Fruity flavors and velvety textures. Perfumed, seductive and a bit aphrodisiac wines. All accompanied with different chocolates and fruits, to find the perfect combination between wine and something sweet. Small pleasures for an intimate moment with your partner.

To know more about it

Riedel glass tastins

Do the flavor and aroma of a wine change depending on the glass you taste it? The prestigious company Riedel has proved so. Founded in 1756, after decades of research, this Austrian firm has designed a type of glass for each wine. Dare you check it?

Mediterranean Vs. Atlantic: one wine, two styles

Few hours of sunshine, abundant rainfall and moderate average temperature. This is usually the Atlantic climate, factors which influence on the grape and style of wine: crispy, light and sharp. We’ll taste them comparing to their southern brethren, the Mediterranean wines. A completely different climate and wines.

New world’s wines

Australia, South Africa, Chile or California, are some of the countries considered winemakers in the New World. Productions characterized by large vineyard expanses and the use of French grape varieties. We will know these countries and their culture through their wines.

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