Learn about wine while having fun

Known and recommended by expert educators and pedagogues, the technique of learning by playing is one that works best in almost any situation and for both adults and children. There are several reasons why through playing the concepts are assimilated much better and these reasons could be summarized in 5:

  1. A game allows us to accept our mistakes and learn from them
  2. Allows us to assimilate theoretical concepts in an interactive way
  3. Stimulates attention, memory, creativity and reasoning
  4. It improves social, negotiation and conflict resolution skills
  5. A game provides pleasure and happiness

Experts in wine related events and games

For the 5 previous reasons we recommend in Taca de Vi to make wine games in business environments and teambuilding events, as we have already explained in other articles. However, in this post we are not going to talk about teambuilding but we are going to describe some board games based 100% on the world of wine. All of them are difficult to find in Spain and are only available in English.



This is a game with rules in the purest Trivial Pursuit style, where a die is rolled in turns and the questions found on the cards must be answered. If the player successfully answer the question, the turn is repeated. We have a board totally designed for the game and the most striking and funny difference between Bouquet and Trivial Pursuit is that the players’ chips are corks of bottles of different colours.



As its name suggests, this is the wine version of Monopoly. In this game – just like in the original – the player who accumulates more properties and manages to ruin the other players wins. The difference is that instead of pieces of land and streets here you have to accumulate wineries and wine areas.



This is a board game in which several types of wine must be tasted blind and the player who gets to the centre of the board first – the winery – wins the game. The great advantage of Zinzig is that it allows us to use the wines we want and the game provides three covers to cover them and turn it in a real blind tasting. Zinzig thus becomes not only a game of knowledge but also a game of palate.



With this game we leave aside the more role-playing and board game facets to move to a totally different level. Uncorked is designed for laughter and fun, introducing a new wine and a new theme card in each round. An example of the cards would be for example “if this wine had a job, what would it do?” or “compare this wine with a famous celebrity”. Uncorked is undoubtedly oriented to laughter and fun and is perfect to start the night with your friends.

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