19 Mar 2018
Top 6 cellars to visit near Barcelona

Everybody knows that Catalunya is well known for the quality of its wines and cavas. As a Mediterranean country, Catalunya has thousands of hectares of vineyards and hundreds of cellars, producing very high standards of quality. In total there are 12 wine region appellations (D.O. – Denominació d’Origen), from the Pyrenees to the Ebre river, and from Ebre river to Costa Brava (next to the French border).

Each wine region appellation have their own local grape variety but also a specific type of soil (terroir) and micro-climate. Thanks to that, wines have their own personality and different character such as full body reds from Priorat, the elegance of the fresh white varieties in the Pyrenees or the delicate bubbles of cava. In Catalunya there are wines for everyone’s taste.

In Taca de vi we organize private winery tours to these regions and we have selected the best and most representatives cellars, so you can enjoy a whole day in a wine atmosphere.

Best 6 cellars to visit near Barcelona

D.O. Penedès / Cava

Jean Leon

One of the most fascinating lives one can hear! A story of a self made man who emigrated to the US, made his dream come true and came back to jean leonPenedès to open his own cellar.

In the Hollywood crazy 50’s, Jean Leon opened one of the most famous restaurants in Beverly Hills where all the celebrities would meet: La Scala. The cellar of the restaurant was full of the best Bordeaux wines and Jean Leon dream was opening his own winery to produce the same style of wines.

For this reason, he was advised to buy a state in one of the best areas in the Penedès wine region. There he planted Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Chardonnay.

He succeeded in producing high quality Bordeaux style wines and nowadays these wines have been awarded with Vi de Finca Qualificada (certified state wines).

Do not miss visiting Jean Leon cellar with Taca de vi!


Quality, tradition and love for job well done. These three concepts would sum up the philosophy of Cava Recaredo and following this motto, nowadaysrecaredo is considered one of the top 5 cava producers.

Founded in 1924 by Josep Mata Capellades, he knew from the very beginning that the quality of a good cava starts in the quality of the grapes. In order to produce more complex cavas, he also knew that the longest the cava would age with its lees, the more delicate it would get.

For this reason, all Recaredo products are Gran Reserva (over 30 months aging) and Brut Nature (0% sugar added in order to preserve purity).

A pleasure for the senses!

Located in the center of cava home capital, Sant Sadurní d’Anoia, it is a beautiful cellar to visit and the underground caves where the bottles rest, a real journey through time.

Can Bas – Pere Ventura

Can Bas and Pere Ventura are two different cellars but belonging to the same owner. They are not far from each other but Can Bas is dedicated tocan bas 2 elaborate wine, while Pere Ventura produces just cava.

Although Pere Ventura is one of the largest producers, surprisingly they have achieved very high quality in every vintage. Their cavas are extremely elegant with very delicate bubbles.

On the other hand, Can Bas is a beautiful countryside house with the typical Mediterranean style and atmosphere. The cellar is integrated in the farm and the whole property is surrounded by their own vineyards. The tour in the cellar also includes visiting a nearby little chapel next to the old Cabernet Sauvignon’s vines.

There is also the possibility to include a 4×4 tour around the state while the guide explains everything about the cellar history.

D.O.Q. Priorat / D.O. Montsant

Marco Abella

Like all the new projects, when Olivia and David opened the cellar in 2004, it wasn’t easy since they had never produced wine before and nobody hadMarco Abella heard about them. However, they had the perfect ingredients to succeed: old vines of Grenache and Carignan, licorella soil (slate) and a cool micro-climate to produce smooth wines. And obviously the personality of the couple and their passion for a well done job.

Everything changed with the 2009 vintage when they decided to change the style of their wines to a modern personality: more fruitiness and elegance, and less oaky and structure.

The cellar built in 2004, is a beautiful modern building integrated in the Priorat landscape and surrounded by their own vineyards.

Mas Doix

Located in the little village of Poboleda, in the heart of Priorat, mas doixMas Doix is one of the most prestigious cellars due to one of their wines: Doix. What is the secret of such good wines? Their vines heritage. They own some of the oldest vineyards in the region which makes delicate and fragrant wines full of personality. Also the touch of Sandra, the winemaker, who has an extraordinary ability to turn grapes to a delicious thing.

The cellar is a small new building in the entrance of the village. But the highlight of the tour is having the chance to taste such beautiful wines.

Clos Figueras

Clos Figueras has the perfect combination: cellar, restaurant and rooms. It was an old farm that 20 years ago Christopher Cannan bought in order toceller-clos-figueras start his own project and produce wines in the village of Gratallops (Priorat).

The building is located in the entrance of the village so the vines are not surrounding the cellar. But it doesn’t matter because the property is beautiful.

It has a charming garden and terrace in front of the restaurant, and the space next to the restaurant is where the cellar is located.

In order to offer a complete hospitality service, in 2015 they designed 3 beautiful rooms on the upper floor with tremendous views over the beautiful Priorat landscape.

They also have their own vegetables garden where they grow them organically. These vegetables are among the ingredients of the restaurant dishes.

So contact us for your next trip to Barcelona and we will design for you the best tour!

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