04 Sep 2018
best winery tour priorat

In Taca de vi we  are willing to show you the best wineries from the best wine regions appellations. In this sense, we organize private tours (2 to 8 people) to these regions and we arrange everything (wineries, restaurants, transportation and sommelier-guide) so you can enjoy an exclusive experience among the vineyards.

Even though there are more than 100 wineries in Priorat and most of them they produce astonishing wines, not all of them have the proper facilities to host visitors. That’s why we have selected those which we consider fulfill these 3 steps:

1. Excellent wine
2. Beautiful cellar and proper tasting room
3. Kind, friendly and professional service

The best 5 winery tour Priorat

Mervm Priorati

Merum Priorati - The 5 best winery tours Priorat

Merum Priorati – The best 5 winery tour Priorat

Pere Ventura is one of the most renowned cava producers in the Penedès region. He also owns a beautiful state where he produces still wines, also in Penedès. As he is a restless person with new projects in his mind, one of his dreams was elaborating his own wine in one of the most prestigious wine regions in the world: Priorat.

In 2013 he purchased a winery in the village of Porrera and different vineyards scattered in the mountains surrounding the village. So far they produce 3 red wines: Inici, Destí and El Cel. All of them based in Grenache variety.

The winery was refurbished in order to host visitors and designed a lovely tasting room, very spacious and with minimalist furniture. The perfect place to enjoy a glass of wine.


Marco Abella

Marco Abella - The 5 best winery tours Priorat

Marco Abella – The best 5 winery tour Priorat

Like all the new projects, when Olivia and David opened the cellar in 2004, it wasn’t easy since they had never produced wine before and nobody had heard about them. However, they had the perfect ingredients to succeed: ld vines of Grenache and Carignan, licorella soil (slate) and a cool micro-climate to produce smooth wines. And obviously the personality of the couple and their passion for a well done job.

Everything changed with the 2009 vintage when they decided to change the style of their wines to a modern personality: more fruitiness and elegance, and less oaky and structure.

The cellar built in 2004, is a beautiful modern building integrated in the Priorat landscape and surrounded by their own vineyards.



Ferrer Bobet - The best 5 winery tours Priorat

Ferrer Bobet – The best 5 winery tour Priorat

Sergi Ferrer-Salat and his partner Raül Bobet (one of the best wine makers in Catalonia), made their dream come true in 2002 when they opened their own cellar in Porrera village.
From the very beginning they opted for one of Priorat’s main variety: Carignan. Although they also use Grenache and a little bit of other French varieties, a high percentage of their wines are based in Carignan and their top wine Selecció Especial is 100% elaborated with very old vines of this variety.

The winery it is beautiful outside and inside since everything was designed with very exquisit taste. They also built one of the most amazing tasting rooms in the world and finalizing the tour with a glass of wine there, it’s one of the best experiences one can have.  It has a very minimal design but what makes it different to the others, is that  and the whole place is illuminated with natural light with beautiful views over the valley and it seems like the landscape enters in the room.


Clos Figueres

celler-clos-figuerasClos Figueres has the perfect combination: cellar, restaurant and rooms. It was an old farm that 20 years ago Christopher Cannan bought in order to start his own project and produce wines in the village of Gratallops (Priorat).

The building is located in the entrance of the village so the vines are not surrounding the cellar. But it doesn’t matter because the property is gorgeous.

It has a charming garden and terrace in front of the restaurant, and the space next to the restaurant is where the cellar is located.

In order to offer a complete hospitality service, in 2015 they designed 3 beautiful rooms on the upper floor with tremendous views over the beautiful Priorat landscape.

They also have their own vegetables garden where they grow them organically. These vegetables are among the ingredients of the restaurant dishes.


Clos Mogador

Clos Mogador - Best 5 winery tour Priorat

Clos Mogador – Best 5 winery tour Priorat

René Barbier was one of who stirred up Priorat region in the late 80’s and he put Priorat in the map of the worlds best wine regions. Nowadays he’s considered a legend and continues producing breathtaking wines full of complexity and personality.

He put on value those old vines of Grenache and Carignan which had such low yields and were producing high alcohol wines, that local farmers never thought he could make good wines out of them. Thanks to his knowledge, experience and passion, he found the way to produce very delicate wines which gets an extraordinary complexity after some years in the bottle.

Even though this original top wineries do not open for visitors, Clos Mogador is one of the few who do accept it. It is a 3h tour where we visit the vineyard by 4×4 and have the opportunity to taste their most prestigious wines suc as Clos Mogador, Manyetes or Nelin.

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