07 Jun 2018
10 best wines for less than 15€

Beginning of June, temperatures warming up and summer it is just around the corner. So why don’t we open a bottle of good wine for a very reasonable price?

10 best wines for less than 15€


1. Loidana

loidanaProbably one of the best Priorat wines for with an excellent relation quality-price-pleasure. Marco Abella cellar has achieved giving all the expression of licorella soil (slate) in their first wine.

Mainly elaborated with Grenache and Carignan, it has 10% of Cabernet Sauvignon. In order to give some more complexity and finesse, it ages during 10-12 months in French oak barrels.

Medium body, fresh, juicy and very earthy.

  • Cellar: Marco Abella
  • Region: DOQ Priorat
  • Varieties: Grenache, Carignan
  • Price: 12€

2. Fera Ferotge

fera ferotgeEven though Sumoll used to be the most representative indigenous red variety from the Penedès wine region appellation, nobody understood its personality and in the 70’s and 80’s most of these vineyards were pulled up in favor of cava grape varieties and French varieties.

5 years ago some cellars started to realize that Sumoll had a big potential to produce fresh wines, light and elegant, but full flavor.

Can Descregut cellar elaborated one of the most interesting examples of this variety: fresh cherries, rosemary nuances and a bit spicy. Smooth and very balanced acidity.

  • Cellar: Can Descregut
  • Region: DO Penedès
  • Varieties: Sumoll
  • Price: 15€

3. Trempat

trempatMedium-light body, smooth tanins, spicy aromas, fresh strawberries and dry Mediterranean herbs… it may sound delicious but once you’ve tasted it, it’s even better.

Trepat wines are all what an elegant wine need to have: explain many things without shouting.

This red variety is indigenous from Conca de Barberà county and the cellar Vins de Pedra produces one of the most superb Trepat.

  • Cellar: Vins de Pedra
  • Region: DO Conca de Barberà
  • Varieties: Trepat
  • Price: 12€

4. Bernat Oller

wine bernat-ollerMediterranean weather is not the best climate for Merlot variety: too hot and lack of rain. However, there is a place in Catalonia where the continental micro-climate is perfect to grow this famous French variety.
Bages county is just behind Montserrat mountain, on the foothills of the Pyrenees and in the middle of a wide valley.
Oller del Mas cellar saw the potential of Merlot in this area and nowadays they produce some of the best Merlot wines in Catalonia.
Bernat Oller ages 10 months in French oak barrels. It has a medium-full body, meaty but fresh acidity.

  • Cellar: Oller del Mas
  • Region: DO Pla de Bages
  • Varieties: Merlot
  • Price: 13€



5. L’Abrunet blanc

wine abrunetFrancesc Ferrer is a young enthusiastic farmer who belongs to a family that has been producing wine for generations. He has very clear what kind of wine he wants to produce, using local varieties, working in organic and with 0 additives.

His wines are very pure, fresh and full of personality. He wants his wines to show the expression of the poor soils and the warm climate, without loosing quality.

White Grenache is the flagship of Terra Alta wine appellation since it concentrates the 33% of this variety from the whole world.

L’Abrunet blanc is a 100% White Grenache and its aromas reminds to fresh white pear, lemon, fennel and lots of minerality. It is dry but with a very smooth acidity and a salty touch. Very elegant.

  • Cellar: Frisach
  • Region: DO Terra Alta
  • Varieties: White Grenache
  • Price: 7,50€

6. Saó blanc

saó-blancMas Blanch i Jové cellar has a deep commitment with art and local artists.


Since their good friend and famous painter Guinovart passed away in 2007, the cellar took the commitment to open every year a work of art somewhere in their vineyard. Nowadays there are several sculptures scattered all over their state, giving a wonderful sightseeing.

The cellar is located in the south of the Costers del Segre wine appellation, surrounded by hundreds of vineyards and olive trees. They work with local and foreign varieties, offering a wide range of different flavors and styles.

This white Saó blanc is fermented in French oak barrels where it ages during 6 months, giving creaminess, freshness and complexity. A mature white for those who like red wines.

  • Cellar: Mas Blanch i Jové
  • Region: DO Costers del Segre
  • Varieties: 80% Macabeu, 20% White Grenache
  • Price: 12,50€

7. Augustus Xarel·lo Vermell

wine augustusThis wine is interesting for 2 reasons: the cellar which elaborates it and the variety used.
Avgvstvs Forvm cellar was mainly known for the gourmet vinegar and classic style wines using French varieties. It seemed like it would never change. However, 6-7 years ago they launched a new range of wines called Microvinificacions with the aim to elaborate very limited productions from odd varieties, old vines or exceptional vineyards.

This wine we recommend is a 100% Xarel·lo Vermell, indigenous variety from Penedès but very odd and endangered. Actually there are less than 10 cellars using this variety since there are very few hectares of it.

It has a very floral and delicate aroma, with grapefruit nuances and minerality. In mouth it is very fresh, smooth acidity and dry touch.

  • Cellar: Avgvstvs Forvm
  • Region: DO Penedès
  • Varieties: Xarel·lo Vermell
  • Price: 11,50€

8. So Serè

so sereXarel·lo is the flagship variety of Penedès white wines. Some years ago it was just used to produce cava or standard white wines. However, 10 years ago more and more cellars started to realize that from the old vines and restricting the yield per hectare, they could get very concentrated and complex wines.

Nowadays many cellars produce excellent Xarel·lo wines, but Castellroig cellar elaborated one of the most interesting.

So Serè ferments in big French oak barrels which gives complexity but does not mask the fresh-mature pear, the fennel and the anisi aromas. Fresh and creamy in mouth with a touch of saltiness. Excellent!

  • Cellar: Sabaté i Coca
  • Region: DO Penedès
  • Varieties: Xarel·lo
  • Price: 14€



9. Mim rosé

mim roseOne of the most delicate rosé cavas l’ve ever tasted. In has very delicate aromas of little fresh berries, aromatic herbs and a bit spicy.

In mouth it has a lot of finesse, with little bubbles, soft acidity and just some sugar nuances that makes it more pleasant. 2 years aging in the bottle, puts all the elements together and gives more complexity.

Even Penedès wine region is too warm to grow Pinot Noir,  this vineyard is located in a cool and wet micro-climate and the result is this quality cava.

  • Cellar: Vins el cep
  • Region: DO Cava
  • Varieties: Pinot Noir
  • Price: 11€

10. Guilera Brut Nature Gran Reserva

guilera brut nature gran reservaThis cava is one of the jewels at a better price one can find in the market. Nowadays they are selling the 2009 vintage at an amazing price!

Using the 3 local amb main varieties for cava (Xarel·lo, Macabeu, Parellada), it ages for more than 8 years. During this period, it will gain complexity, finesse, little bubbles and retain the fresh acidity. At the end of the process and after the disgorging, they don’t add any sugar in order to keep the purest personality.

It is a Brut Nature.

  • Cellar: Guilera
  • Region: DO Cava
  • Varieties: Xarel·lo, Macabeu, Parellada
  • Price: 10€

What do you think of our selection of 10 best wines for less than 15€ ?

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